How to Turn Off Windows 10 Automatic Update

Even though Microsoft started offering users a option to delay automatic updates, it’s only limited to enterprise users and it’s still a “delay”.

But there is a way to “turn off” or “disable” Windows 10 update, no matter which version you’re using.

Here’s how:

First, open Network & Internet settings by right-clicking your Network Icon on the taskbar, or go to Settings – Network & Internet.

Then, click the “Change connection properties”.

Scroll down and turn on the “Metered connection”. This will disable your automatic Windows update and you will have to check update manually if you want update.

Windows 10 Creators Update Has Arrived

Windows 10 Creators Update includes Beam broadcasting, Windows Game Mode, new gaming settings in Windows System Settings and more.

Beam allows you to easily broadcast your games with less than a second of delay without any additional software acquired. The Game Mode is aimed to help improve overall gaming performance and consistency by optimizing system resources more efficiently for games.