Discord is Cutting Down Their Store’s Revenue Split by 10%; Giving Devs 90%

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Discord announced that they are cutting down their game store’s revenue take by 10%, giving developers 90% of earned money, starting 2019.

They claimed that they found out “it does not cost 30% to distribute games in 2018”, after some research. Discord also announced that they will also offer self-serve game publishing platform for devs and will lower their 10%
operating costs even farther in the future.

Some Devs Are Canceling or Delaying Steam Release After Epic Games Store

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After Epic Games releases its own game store with higher revenue share, some developers are canceling or delaying Steam release in favor of Epic Games Store.

Coffee Stain Studios, well know for Goat Simulator, confirmed that they are canceling their new title Satisfactory‘s Steam release and will release exclusively to Epic Games Store.

Besides, Double Damage Game and Team17 announced that they are delaying their new title’s Steam release and will be exclusive to the Epic Games Store for some period.