This Language Learning App Uses AI to Adapt Its Customers’ Learning Need

A UK based startup, Memrise, uses machine learning AI to its app to personalize teaching method to each users.

By using machine learning, the system knows what you already know. Using that information, the system helps you to memorize characters, vocabulary, and phrases.

The app is now available with 20 language courses, which includes: Arabic, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, and Turkish.

AI Startup Made 3D Motion Capture App

Image result for radical motion capture

New York-based AI startup RADiCAL made 3D motion capture app that works without any additional hardware.

They uses AI algorithm to process the video to detect what’s there, represent human movement in 3D space and even reconstruct what the camera can’t see.

The company opened public beta program recently. Check it out here.

Real Time 3D Hair Dye Simulation

AR Tech startup ModiFace revealed their deep learning-based live video hair tracking and hair color simulation. They trained their neural networks with 220,000 hair images to make their networks detect hair in each video frame and adjust the coloration of hair in a photorealistic way.

You can try out this new tech at “Hair Color” app on App Store.