PlayStation 5 Apparently Confirmed By Square Enix Dev

Square Enix Dev’s LinkedIn

Lead 3D Character Artist from Luminous Productions – the division of Square Enix Group – Tomohiro Tokoro, updated LinkedIn profiles with 
“New AAA Title for PS5”. Confirming that next-gen PlayStation will be PlayStation 5.

But since Sony didn’t officially confirmed the name of the 
next-gen PlayStation, it is possible that Tokoro could simply know he’s working on the next PlayStation and have called it the PS5 on his own.


Nier: Automata HDR in Xbox Turned Out to be Fake

Nier Automata HDR in Xbox Turned Out to be Fake.jpg

Above image is fake screenshot witch created by editing.

Who already got hands on Nier: Automata in Xbox one may experienced that if you turn on the HDR setting, the game look worse.

This is happens because “The game is entirely in SDR and is expanded from 8bit to 10bit and then adjusted to fit into the appropriate place within an HDR ouput and then is sending the signal to the TV that the content is HDR. Which resorting in lower contrast image, washed out image.” said by EvilBoris.