Bully 2 Might Be The Next Title From Rockstar

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Recent casting calls from Rockstar Games is making some anticipation about Bully 2.

The calls are mainly for teenage and young roles, stated “new unannounced video game title with a leading UK games developer, shooting at Pinewood Studios. Mild violence and profanity will be used in scenes with the young performer. The project itself is a thriller/drama and all scenes with the young performer will be handled with sensitivity.” 

Even if they said the project is thriller/drama, fans think it might be Bully 2 due to a long leak and its vague detail – teenager, violence – .

Red Dead Online Announced

Rockstar Games announced online mode for Red Dead Redemption 2. Red Dead Online will blend narrative with competitive and cooperative gameplay like classic multiplayer experience in the original Red Dead Redemption, but in fun new ways.

Red Dead Online will be free for Red Dead Redemption 2 owners in both PS4 and Xbox One. The base game will release in October 26, Online is planned for launch in November 2018.