PS4 Game’s Player Count Leaked(Sort of)

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Website called Gamstat claimed that they revealed 122 PS4 games player count. They said the numbers can be calculated by recently launched “My PS4 Life” service.

My PS4 Life shows the exact number of players who received some trophy in some game, which can be combined with the % of people who obtained the trophy in PlayStation website, to estimate the total number of players in the game. Easy math, right?

But they also mentioned that the numbers are 3-4 weeks old since Sony does not use the latest trophy numbers. Making the numbers not accurate for recently released games.

See the full list of the games here.

PlayStation 5 Apparently Confirmed By Square Enix Dev

Square Enix Dev’s LinkedIn

Lead 3D Character Artist from Luminous Productions – the division of Square Enix Group – Tomohiro Tokoro, updated LinkedIn profiles with 
“New AAA Title for PS5”. Confirming that next-gen PlayStation will be PlayStation 5.

But since Sony didn’t officially confirmed the name of the 
next-gen PlayStation, it is possible that Tokoro could simply know he’s working on the next PlayStation and have called it the PS5 on his own.