“we don’t owe the community anything” Says Who Get More Than $18,000 Per Month From The Community

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A developer of a Skyrim multiplayer mod said that they “don’t owe the community anything” and updates are posted only if they “feel like spending time doing it.”, while the team is getting more than $18,000 per month via Patreon.

The team was also known for using another modding team’s code without permission or attribution.


Just Cause Devs Announced New Title

Generation Zero is co-op FPS game that set in 1980’s Sweden, where hostile machines are invading. Generation Zero will be coming on PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One in 2019.

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StarCraft II Will Become Free-to-Play at November 14th

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Blizzard announced that StarCraft 2 will become free-to-play at November 14th.

Players who get StarCraft 2 for free will get access to Wings of Liberty campaign, and the cooperative mode and competitive multiplayer. If you already own Wings of Liberty, you’ll get free access to Heart of the Swarm instead.

But, free player’s co-op commander capped at level 5. And have to achieve 10 First Wins of the Day to join ranked multiplayer matches.