Minecraft Classic is Now Available for Free Through Web Browser

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As a part of the Minecraft Memories campaign, celebrating the game’s 10th anniversary, Microsoft announced that Minecraft Classic is now available through any modern desktop browser for free.

Minecraft Classic only have 32 blocks and got all original bugs and terrible UI with it. But if you happen to want to feel some nostalgia, you can play it right here.

PUBG Now Has The Highest Concurrent Player Count On Steam

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Last week, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds officially surpassed 10 million copies since March. And this week, they passed 1 million concurrent players.

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PUBG is now a feat for any game without the words “Grand Theft Auto”, “Mario”, “Call of Duty” or Pokemon in the name, or it might even threat that AAA title.

There’s only one game similarly released unfinished before its rise to fame, “Minecraft”. but even Minecraft didn’t initially have viral popularity like this:

200K peak players left to “All-Time Highest Concurrent Player Count” and 4M copies left for “The Top 50 Best-Selling Games of All-Time”. Will this juggernaut train stop?