Google Revealed Security Flaw in macOS

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Google’s Project Zero, a team finding security flaws in it’s own products as well as other firms, exposed high severity flaw in macOS kernel.

Team reported that when user-owned mounted filesystem image is modified, the virtual management subsystem is not informed of the changes, making attackers able to take malicious actions without the mounted filesystem knowing about it. For full report, click here.

Also, Project Zero generally report the problems to the manufacturers privately and give them 90 days to resolve the problem before publicly disclosing it, which means that Apple couldn’t — or didn’t — fix the flaw for 90 days.

If You’re Android Graphic Programmer, Check Out Google Filament

Filament is a PBR (physically based rendering) engine optimized for Android, but also works on Linux, macOS and Windows.

Filament is a tool made for Android developers who want to create high quality 2D and 3D rendering with ease. Filament features Native C++/Java/JNI API, OpenGL, Vulkan 1.0, HDR, Physical light units, MSAA and more. And they also support in-depth documents for Developers.

For more info: Download / PBR Guide / Material GuideMaterial reference sheet

Fortnite is Coming to Mobile; And It will Support Cross-Play Between All Platform

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Epic Games announced that Fortnite: Battle Royale will get mobile release. And it will support cross-play, cross-progression and cross-purchase between Xbox One, PC, Mac, iOS and Android.

But, as usual, Xbox vs PlayStation is not happening. Which means Xbox One players can play with PC, Mac, iOS and Android and PlayStation 4 players can play with PC, Mac, iOS and Android. But Xbox One with PS4 is not available.