Ys Net Readdressed Shenmue 3 Refund Controversy

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After Ys Net announced that they won’t refund their fan funded game, Shenmue 3, for Epic Games Store exclusivity change, developer posted an update saying that they’ll now accept refund.

However, it turned out that Epic Games is covering up all the cost of the refund. Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney also announced that they will also cover the cost of any future crowdfunded games for switching to it’s store.

Backers also can request a PS4 code instead of an Epic Games Store code, or request a Steam code which will be available one year after launch.

Project Wingman is Now on Kickstarter

Indie combat flight action game, Project Wingman, is now on Kickstater. And already passed its $26+ goal, only in 16 hours.

Project Wingman is fast-paced ace combat game that you can play though the alternate history of Earth. The game features 20 different aircraft and over 40 unique weapons for players to customize. The game also support HOTAS peripherals and VR for more immersive experience.

For more detail and free demo, check our here.