Japanese Wedding Company Announced Final Fantasy Themed Wedding Ceremony

Japanese wedding company Deuxzero announced that they are collaborating with Square Enix to bring “Final Fantasy XIV Wedding”.

The wedding plan features in-game costumes, accessories, foods, and drinks. Check our more info here.

Japanese Company Announced New Robot Pet

Japanese robotics company Groove X revealed robot pet called Lovot, at 349,000 yen ($3200). Which features home security, babe sitting, and more.

Lovot is now only available at pair package, at 598,000 yen ($5,300), single unit will be available at 2020, at 349,000 yen.

For more info and purchase, click here(Japanese).

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is Coming to Switch Through Cloud; Only in Japan

At Nintendo DirectNintendo announced that Assassin’s Creed Odyssey will release on Nintendo Switch. Similar to Resident Evil 7, the game will be available through cloud service and only available in Japan.

Nintendo Started to Sell The Switch Without Dock

Nintendo recently stated to sell Switch without docking station for cheaper price, only in Japan. This package only include the console, Joy-Con controllers, and Joy-Con wrist straps.

The package is nearly 80% of primary package. Which is 24,980 yen, while primary package was 29,980 yen.