A Fan-Funded Game Dev Chose Not to Refund For Those Upset At It’s Epic Store Exclusivity Update

Reported by User Fireeye on ResetEra

Ys Net, a developer behind Shenmue III, a game that was announced as a Kickstarter campaign and got pledged $6,333,295, suddenly announced that the PC version of their title will be Epic Games Store exclusive.

And as reported by one of the backers, Ys Net won’t refund for those who got upset about their decision.

“Skyrim Grandma” Will Be in The Elder Scrolls VI

In their The Elder Scrolls 25th Anniversary stream Bethesda announced that YouTuber Shirley Curry, well known as “Skyrim Grandma”, will be on The Elder Scrolls 6 as the result of a fan petition.

Shirley Curry is an over 80 year old grandmother who post videos of herself playing Skyrim as well as other RPGs on YouTube and got famous when one of her videos was posted to Reddit.

The petition started because the The Elder Scrolls 6 won’t be released anytime soon — which means she may not get to play it — and Bethesda is known for including dedicated fans of their series into their games.