Epic Games Funds $1.2 Million to Blender

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As a part of it’s Epic MegaGrants program, Epic Games has funded $1.2m to Blender.

Epic MegaGrants is a program designed to support game developers, enterprise professionals, media & entertainment creators, students, educators, and open-source tool developers whose working with UE4.

If you falls under this circumstances, you also can earn a financial grant.

For more info and to submit your application, click here.

Epic Games CEO Want to Become A Thanos in The Game Industry

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CEO of the Epic Games, Tim Sweeney, revealed his plan to become a Thanos of the PC gaming industry by “perfectly” balancing revenue share, cutting it more than a half.

Tim Sweeney said on Twitter that if Steam follows their 88/12 revenue share model, they will “retreat from exclusives and consider putting our own games on Steam” and it would be “a glorious moment in the history of PC gaming.

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Epic Games Tries to Make Excuses For User Data Mining

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This article contains some biased statements.

Epic Games is defending itself from accessing users’ data and transmitting information back to the company, without user’s knowledge.

Epic Games has been collecting data from root certificates and DLLs through Epic Games Store launcher and sending it back to the company, specifically Steam files as well.

Epic‘s vice president of engineering Daniel Vogel responded to this by saying tracking pixel was a part of the Support-A-Creator program, to “pay creators” and track page statistics, and root certificate and cookies access were “a result of normal web browser start up”.

Vogel also stated that “Epic is controlled by Tim Sweeney”, but it is important to notice that Tencent, a Chinese giant, owns a majority of Epic Games.

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Epic Games Adjusted Fortnite Cross-Platform Play For Better Experience

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Epic Games announced that they are separating console players from mobile players for “better per-game experience”. Which means Xbox One and PS4 users will have their own pool and so as Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android players have their’s.

However, if players are already in cross-platform parties, this will not apply. Making cross-platform play across all platforms still available.