Anthem is Crashing PS4

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A number of users from PS4 reported that Anthem is making some serious crashes like closing the game to the PS4 main menu, or even shutting off the console entirely.

One user even reported that the game bricked his console. Link

EA claimed that they are “aware of a crashing issue some of you have been reporting” and asking users to share their crash data reports for further investigation.

Indian Symbols Are Crashing iPhone – How to Fix It


As some of you already knows, some Indian symbols are making a crash in iPhone.

Why This is Happening

The problem occurs when your device try to render certain sequence of Telugu characters in iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra. Extended report.

So How to Fix This Problem

It seems the problem is iOS 11.2 — and High Sierra 10.13. — exclusive. If you downgrade your devise or update to beta version(e.g. iOS 11.3 beta), the problem will gone.