Will Nintendo Labo Be The Next-Gen Cardboard

Labo(ラボ) means laboratory in Japanese. And Nintendo seems to do a experiment through DIY gaming market.

Nintendo Labo seems definitely helpful to children gamer for encourage them to do creative things and do things other then just play the game in the dark room. And even though it’s intended costumer is children, it seems enough to satisfy adults.

Will Nintendo Labo trigger the AR gaming trend?


Earn $100,000 By Playing AR Treasure Hunt Game

Hidden Secrets is augmented reality adventure game. It challenges players with real world exploration, mini-games and daily puzzles. By exploring, playing mini-game and solve daily puzzles, player get clues for hidden treasures. And the first players who locate the exact location of a treasure are rewarded with cash prizes.

There are 10 real world locations to decode, each one offering $10,000 for a total bounty of $100,000.

For more information, additional in-game hint and pledge, visit here.

Real Time 3D Hair Dye Simulation

AR Tech startup ModiFace revealed their deep learning-based live video hair tracking and hair color simulation. They trained their neural networks with 220,000 hair images to make their networks detect hair in each video frame and adjust the coloration of hair in a photorealistic way.

You can try out this new tech at “Hair Color” app on App Store.