Best April Fools Commercial 2019

Google Tulip from Google Nederland

Shout out to Google Nederland for making best April prank every year

Duolingo Push from Duolingo

T-Mobile Phone BoothE from T-Mobile

Are you listening AT&T? E for real?

AirPower Skin from dbrand

“are you going to spend $4.01 on a piece of history?

Garrus Vakarian Body Pillow from BioWare


Gboard Spoon Bending Version from Google Japan

Stop making keyboard joke Google Japan :/

And for bonus I hope this is a joke but it is god damn real. Russia please.. ūüėā

Flying gun from S B

Is every day is April Fools day in Russia?

Best April Fools’ Day Joke 2018

1. New EU passports – EU

2. Project Venom v2 РRazer

3. GeForce Academy of Gaming РNvidia

4. Googz

5. ESO – TESLegend Collaboration – Bethesda

7.¬†Noise-Cancelling Headrest –¬†Skoda

8.¬†Swedish Air –¬†Clas Ohlson

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9. Chocolate Whopper –¬†Burger King

10. Where’s Waldo? РGoogle

Image result for april fools day 2018

11. Bad Joke Detector РGoogle

12. Google Cloud Hummus API- Google

13. Write on the Keyboard – Google

14.¬†Trump¬†energy drink –¬†Carabao

15. SodaSoak РSodaStream

Best April Fools’ Day Joke 2017

1: DOOM is now available on floppy disk. Only 35,550 floppy disks required.

2: Airbnb created robot host.

3: Play store now has new category for pets.

4: Google’s New AI assistant for smarter yard.

5: Google’s new version of Google Japanese Input.

6: Google’s¬†windmills that can clear sky.

7: Now Alexa can communicate with animals.

8: Nvidia’s new software that can play game instead of you.