Will Nintendo Labo Be The Next-Gen Cardboard

Labo(ラボ) means laboratory in Japanese. And Nintendo seems to do a experiment through DIY gaming market.

Nintendo Labo seems definitely helpful to children gamer for encourage them to do creative things and do things other then just play the game in the dark room. And even though it’s intended costumer is children, it seems enough to satisfy adults.

Will Nintendo Labo trigger the AR gaming trend?


This Low Cost Robot Can Lift 200 Times Their Weight and Self-Heal

The Keplinger Research Group at the University of Colorado Boulder has developed a new class of soft electrically activated devices, called HASEL(Hydraulically Amplified Self-healing ELectrostatic) actuators, which mimic natural muscle in both performance and versatility. And it only costs 10 cents per device.

Learn more about how HASEL works/Learn more about invisible HASEL actuators.