Samsung Teases Foldable Phone And AR Gaming Feature

Samsung teased some cool new tech in their new concept video. Which was leaked by Samsung’s Vietnam YouTube channel and deleted.

In official upload, it showcases transparent display(0:06), motion-tracking mirror display(0:11), 5G connected robot(0:20), foldable phone(0:24), ultrasound attachment with no punch hole bezel-less phone(0:30)
, and AR gaming(0:36).

MIT Invented Laser That Can Send Sounds

Image result for laser sound

Researchers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology invented new technology that can beam sounds to a specific person using a laser. It works by using eye-safe laser which heat the water molecules in the air, creating a local sound.

Currently, the tech can send sounds up to 60 decibels with a distance of roughly 2.5 meters. But the team are working to make measurements longer, 100 to 500 meters.

How to Turn Off Windows 10 Automatic Update

Even though Microsoft started offering users a option to delay automatic updates, it’s only limited to enterprise users and it’s still a “delay”.

But there is a way to “turn off” or “disable” Windows 10 update, no matter which version you’re using.

Here’s how:

First, open Network & Internet settings by right-clicking your Network Icon on the taskbar, or go to Settings – Network & Internet.

Then, click the “Change connection properties”.

Scroll down and turn on the “Metered connection”. This will disable your automatic Windows update and you will have to check update manually if you want update.

Nvidia Showcases The Power of The Turing Architecture

Nvidia revealed Asteroids demo to showcases how Turing GPU architecture can dramatically improve performance and image quality in certain situation.

By using it’s programmable geometric shading pipeline built on task and mesh shaders, Asteroids achieves very high frame rates by moving key object list processing performance bottlenecks off of the CPU and into highly parallel GPU mesh shading programs.