Win a £80,000 Golden Banana by Solving Pirate Riddles in Sea of Thieves

Rare Games announced treasure hunt event for Sea of Thieves, which allow players to win a £80,000 golden banana by solving pirate riddles. Here’s a detail:

Find clues on 19 March

Gather a pirate crew of up to four people. Starting at 8:00AM GMT, a new clue will be released every 3-4 hours over 3 days. Answers to these riddles could be anywhere, so look sharp. There are 15 fiendish puzzles to solve!

Complete The Riddle

Enter each answer into one of the 15 blank spaces in the Passage. But you won’t be able to submit them until all 15 puzzles have been released, so keep track of your answers as you go

Enter Your Team

When you have filled in all 15 answers in the Passage, submit your crew’s entry. The fastest crew in each region with all the correct answers will be invited to take part in an Ultimate Test – where one victorious crew will win the Golden Bananas!

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