Sea of Thieves is Getting Size Optimization Update

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Rare announced that Sea of Thieves is getting an update which will cut the game size in half. But you have to reinstall the game.

On Xbox One, the game will shrink from 35GB to 10GB, and 47GB to 25GB on Xbox One X, PC will go from 47GB to 27GB.

The update will arrive on February 6th on all platform.

Overkill’s The Walking Dead Console Release Delayed

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Starbreeze announced that they are delaying the console release of the Overkill’s The Walking Dead for “evaluating and reviewing performance”.

The game was originally set to release on February, this year. While no future release date are given, Starbreeze promised to give “further information regarding the future release”.

New Batman Game Might Leaked

Reddit user Donna201299 reported that new artwork featuring the Dark Knight has been leaked.

Artist Eddie Mendoz, who work as freelance, with WB being one of his clients, posted these artworks showcasing the Dark Knight and the Talons, members of the Court of Owls. Adding more suspicion, he deleted these from his art station couple of days later with no reasoning.

Days Gone Pre-Order Bonuses and Special Edition Detailed

Bend Studio announced Days Gone pre-order and detailed it’s contents and special edition’s.

Days Gone pre-order bonuses includes three upgrades for the bike and a crossbow. Digital Deluxe edition includes bike skins, skill early unlock and more.

Find out more info about it here.

Westworld Mobile is Shutting Down After The Lawsuit With Bethesda

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Behaviour Interactive announced that they’re removing Westworld Mobile from App Store and Google Play Store, and closing the game’s servers in April 16, 2019.

The decision comes from the legal dispute between Behaviour and Bethesda. Where Bethesda sued Behaviour for copying Fallout Shelter, using similar art style and gameplay elements, as well as same line of codes, showing same bugs that were found in earlier builds of Fallout Shelter.